spiritrover (spiritrover) wrote,
sorry for the silence. i'm still here on the edge of bonneville, doing a lot of rock analysis. drilled a 8 millimeter deep hole, which was kind of fun. (that's about a third of an inch, but i'd just as rather keep everything in metric. i'm pretty sure i speak for all us mars probes on that subject.)

nasa still gets all weird around me at times. this morning, after sending the sol's workplan, they didn't hear my confirmation beeps. i sent them -- i always send my confirmation beeps -- so it wasn't my fault they missed it. but they spent the entire day freaking out and worrying about me. it wasn't even anything that hard: sleep in for an hour, take some pictures, take some other pictures, start using my spectrometer. i mean, sleep in for an hour? yeah, like i'm going to have trouble doing that. and the rest of it i was totally able to do without their help. i wish they'd understand that i don't need to be coddled all the time.

anyway, i'm done here tomorrow. then i'm setting out for the columbia hills. they sure look a long way away. it makes me wish i was on a featureless, sandy plain like my sister. it would make these long cruises a lot easier. i bet she hasn't turned on her autonomous navigation even once yet.
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